Stimulus Check Update: Treasury Secretary and Walmart CEO Both Support $1,400 Direct Payments

stimulus check update treasury secretary and walmart ceo both support 1400 direct payments

As lawmakers move their stimulus bill forward, experts are voicing support.

Democrats are moving swiftly to provide $1,400 stimulus checks to Americans. The House is expected to vote this week on a newly-drafted $1.9 trillion stimulus bill that would authorize these checks, as well as many other forms of financial relief including additional help for the unemployed.

Once the stimulus legislation passes the House, it will then move quickly to the Senate. There, passage through a process called reconciliation is likely. This process enables the bill to pass with just 51 votes. As a result, Democrats — who hold 50 out of 100 seats — can pass it without the Republican support necessary to overcome a filibuster of ordinary legislation as the vice president can cast the tie-breaking 51st vote.

As lawmakers on the left act quickly to deliver direct payments to Americans, they’re benefitting from ample support from powerful voices. In fact, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen as well as Walmart’s CEO have both made clear in recent days that they believe swift delivery of stimulus payments is essential.

Stimulus checks are “the right thing to do,” for Americans who “need some help”

Although many Republican leaders have questioned whether another large-scale relief bill is really necessary so soon after a $908 billion bill passed in December, plenty of experts believe the Biden administration is taking the correct path in offering expansive financial assistance…

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