Ripple, a cryptocurrency company, expects to be sued by the S.E.C.

ripple a cryptocurrency company expects to be sued by the s e c

Ripple, one of the most valuable companies in the cryptocurrency industry, said on Monday that it expected to be sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission for violating investor protection laws. The suit is expected to accuse the San Francisco-based company of selling unregistered securities when it sold the digital token XRP to investors around the world. Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s chief executive, said in an interview that the suit would be against the company along with Mr. Garlinghouse personally, and one of the company’s founders, Chris Larsen.

Google said on Monday that it had not used its multibillion-dollar deals with other large tech firms to protect its position as the dominant online search engine, in the company’s first formal rebuttal to the Justice Department’s accusations that those deals violated antitrust laws. The filing is a paragraph-by-paragraph — and sometimes sentence-by-sentence — denial of the claims made by the government and a group of states that have joined its lawsuit. “People use Google Search because they choose to, not because they are forced to or because they cannot easily find alternative ways to search for information on the internet,” the company said.

The Walt Disney Company on Monday named Alan Bergman, 54, chairman of its movie division, succeeding Alan …

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