Looking for the next market winners? Try these ‘creative-destruction’ stocks

looking for the next market winners try these creative destruction stocks

Sumary of Looking for the next market winners? Try these ‘creative-destruction’ stocks:

  • Rubin, in an interview, said successful portfolio allocation has little to do with economic factors, such as government spending, “and has everything to do with the forces of creative destruction brought forward”.
  • “There are companies that are either new or have pivoted and are well-positioned to dominate a digital-first world,”.
  • Rubin added that some companies that have fared especially well during the pandemic lockdown won’t continue growing quickly for long after life returns to normal..
  • Rubin is chief investment officer of RiverPark, which is based in New York and has $3.8 billion in assets under management..
  • “They are all innovative health-care companies that detect and manage diseases that are massively prevalent in society,”.
  • BXP, -0.57%, a real-estate investment trust that operates office buildings not only in Boston, but in the Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C., metro areas….

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