Honeywell Pledges to Stop Carbon Emissions by 2035

honeywell pledges to stop carbon emissions by 2035

Sumary of Honeywell Pledges to Stop Carbon Emissions by 2035:

  • David Williams/Bloomberg Industrial giant Honeywell International took a pledge Thursday to makes its operation carbon neutral by 2035, one of a growing number of companies worldwide that are implementing environmental goals and policies..
  • “Companies like Honeywell have a unique role to play in shaping a future that is safer and more sustainable for our children and our grandchildren,”.
  • “Honeywell has a long history of improving our own environmental and sustainability profile while providing innovative products and services that improve our customers’ profiles as well.”.
  • The International Energy Agency reports that about 370 S&P 500 companies have CO2 emissions policies and about 280 have Scope 1 and Scope 2 goals..
  • Honeywell believes its a little different because it is building a business out of it, and others, sustainability pledges..
  • Sustainability, for Honeywell, is a growing business and the company, in many of its divisions, makes a host of products that impact emissions ranging from gas leak detection technology to improved refrigerants which end up anywhere there is an air conditioner or frozen food aisle, general counsel Anne Madden explains…

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