Additional Positive Interim Results from Nanoform’s Clinical Study

additional positive interim results from nanoforms clinical study

HELSINKI, Feb. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nanoform Finland Plc, an innovative nanoparticle medicine enabling company, today announced further positive interim results from its ongoing clinical study. The fast absorption data implies that small is powerful® and might offer viable alternatives to complex formulation approaches such as cyclodextrin based technologies.

Nanoform has received the second interim pharmacokinetic (PK) study results related to its Phase 1, single-centre, part crossover, open-label, partially-randomised study designed to evaluate the PK profile of piroxicam following administration of nanoformed oral immediate release (IR) piroxicam tablet and IR reference products in healthy subjects (UNICORN).

The first set of interim human data (released January 22, 2021) showed faster absorption of Nanoform’s CESS® nanoformed formulation against Felden®, the reference product, marketed by Pfizer. In the second part of the study, Nanoform evaluated the performance of the same nanoformed piroxicam tablet formulation against a β-cyclodextrin coupled piroxicam oral tablet (Brexidol®) marketed by Chiesi, a fast-absorbing formulation available on the market.

One of Nanoform’s value propositions is that CESS® nanoparticles may offer viable alternatives to complex formulations…

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