5 Tips for Finding a Home to Buy When You Live Out of Town

5 tips for finding a home to buy when you live out of town

Sumary of 5 Tips for Finding a Home to Buy When You Live Out of Town:

  • Hire a real estate agent familiar with out-of-state borrowers Your real estate agent will need to do more of the legwork in finding your perfect home when you aren’t local to the area where you’re looking for a property..
  • You also need to make sure your agent is intimately familiar with the area and can give advice on neighborhoods that will be a good fit and provide an easy commute..
  • As a result, it’s imperative to find a real estate professional who is familiar with out-of-state buyers and who has a solid reputation and a long history of sales in the area..
  • Take the time to talk with several real estate agents and check their reviews and references before hiring one..
  • Get $150 off closing costs with Better Mortgage This is one of the top lenders we’ve used personally to secure big savings..
  • Plan a preliminary visit to research the area To figure out what areas you’re interested in, schedule a preliminary trip to the area and have your agent show you some of the locations they believe would suit your needs..
  • Make use of Google street view Once you’re back home and checking out potential houses of interest, don’t just trust the real estate listings….

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