3 High-Risk, High-Reward Growth Stocks to Buy Now

3 high risk high reward growth stocks to buy now

Sumary of 3 High-Risk, High-Reward Growth Stocks to Buy Now:

  • Today, let’s look at why bold investors could benefit from going long on an electric vehicle manufacturer, a teledentistry company, and a mortgage underwriting firm..
  • Last year, revenue was up 46% annually to $10.74 billion, and gross margins expanded by 4.37 percentage points to 25.6%..
  • It is currently developing or constructing additional six factories, while its existing production capacity amounts to 1.05 million cars per year..
  • However, even the slightest mismatch between vehicle deliveries and production (say, in the midst of a recession) could cause the company’s stock to tank big-time..
  • SmileDirectClub Unlike traditional metal braces, SmileDirectClub offers 3-D printed plastic aligners to help patients smile better..
  • Even though SmileDirectClub has a lot of potential, keep in mind that it can only generate one-time cash flow with its business models….

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