The Brexit sausages row looks like stalemate unless Joe Biden can solve it | Anand Menon

the brexit sausages row looks like stalemate unless joe biden can solve it anand menon

Sumary of The Brexit sausages row looks like stalemate unless Joe Biden can solve it | Anand Menon:

  • The UK and the EU are at loggerheads, specifically over chilled meats, but more generally over the infamous Northern Ireland protocol..
  • It will be for future generations to figure out what Boris Johnson had in mind when it comes to the protocol he negotiated, signed and persuaded parliament to approve..
  • The UK has unilaterally delayed putting in place some of the measures the EU says the protocol implies (notably a ban on the export of chilled meat – including sausages – across the Irish Sea) and is threatening to delay still further..
  • solution to Northern Ireland protocol row ‘easily doable’, says Johnson – video For the UK, such an outcome is unacceptable..
  • Unionist fury at the protocol – which they see as putting Northern Ireland in the same economy (at least for goods) as the Republic of Ireland while distancing it from that of the UK – is real..
  • For non-lawyers, that means impose trade sanctions for breaches of the withdrawal agreement of 2019, which contains the protocol….

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