Nigeria: Restructuring We Need – Fiscal Federalism, Resource Control, State Police

nigeria restructuring we need fiscal federalism resource control state police

Sumary of Nigeria: Restructuring We Need – Fiscal Federalism, Resource Control, State Police:

  • Presently, virtually all regions in Nigeria are in support of and yearning for restructuring, through a fundamental rejigging of the entire fabric of what is left of Nigeria.
  • What we should ponder upon now is why the entity called Nigeria is no longer suitable to the South and the North, given the latest agitations from all the regions.
  • The simple answer, to my mind, is that Nigeria is in the hands of a cabal, a tiny few, cutting across tribe and religion, spread and entrenched within the business sector and indeed, all important aspects of our national life, not excluding the legal profession.
  • Restructuring, therefore, means fiscal federalism or resource control, state police and devolution of powers to the states and local governments, which will empower every part of the union for greater productivity.
  • Before the 1966 military incursion, Nigeria was practising true federalism, whereby the regions controlled their resources as autonomous political territories.
  • With over 250 ethnic nationalities, diverse cultures, multiple faiths and irreconcilable historical experiences, federalism is the only suitable form of government for Nigeria.
  • Today, of the 37 units making up Nigeria, only one of them is viable, being the Federal Government, FG.
  • The 774 local governments merely exist in name, almost choked out of any meaningful impact by the states.

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