How the rollout of South Africa’s renewable energy plan is failing communities

how the rollout of south africas renewable energy plan is failing communities

Sumary of How the rollout of South Africa’s renewable energy plan is failing communities:

  • South Africa’s over-reliance on coal-fired power plants places the country among the world’s top carbon emitters and does huge damage to the health of its citizens.
  • The country has also struggled to maintain a stable energy supply since 2007. Power cuts are now a regular feature of South African life.
  • A developmental priority is therefore a transition from highly centralised energy production that depends on diminishing reserves of fossil fuels towards decentralised production of renewable, clean energy.
  • Ten years ago the government introduced a programme designed to enable the procurement of renewable energy from companies that are independent from the country’s monopoly electricity supplier.
  • Known as the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme, it has, by some measures, been remarkably successful.
  • The designers of the programme recognised that in the country’s transition to a cleaner, greener economy, it would be important to ensure that communities were not left behind.
  • Companies that bid were thus required to meet a set of economic development criteria.
  • This “economic development scorecard” counted 30% of the evaluation of companies’ bids to become independent power producers (IPPs) alongside the technical and financial aspects of proposed energy production.

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