This is the age when Americans say they plan to retire

this is the age when americans say they plan to retire

Sumary of This is the age when Americans say they plan to retire:

  • Yet one big concern about their golden years looms over them – whether or not they will have financial security.
  • The anticipated retirement age, however, varied by generation.
  • Even so, 41% of respondents said achieving financial security in retirement is “going to take a miracle,” the survey found.
  • While there is a general sense of confidence, the results show there are a number of questions people have with regard to retirement planning, said Dave Goodsell, executive director at Natixis’ Center for Investor Insight.
  • Notably, the average retirement age for that broader group around the world was also 62.The U.S. results show the older people get, the more retirement is elusive, Goodsell said.
  • For baby boomers, the 68 number may also be prompted by a key threshold for Social Security, he said.
  • Age 62 is the year at which people first become eligible for Social Security benefits.
  • However, by claiming early, they will receive permanently reduced monthly benefits.

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