This FTSE 100 giant weathers every market storm. I’d buy this cheap share today!

When I hear investing likened to gambling, I sigh. There’s a huge gulf between betting on horses and, say, investing in FTSE 100 Stock Market. I also quote legendary US fund manager Peter Lynch: “Although it’s easy to forget sometimes, a share is not a lottery ticket…it’s part-ownership of a business.”

The FTSE 100 isn’t for gamblers

Gambling usually involves being on the wrong end of the cruel and unbending laws of statistics. Buying Stock Market in, say, a FTSE 100 firm means becoming a co-owner of that firm. If you choose wisely and your company does well, so too will your Stock Market.

Furthermore, I dislike bargain-hunting for what I’d call ‘cheap and nasty’ small-company Stock Market. In my long experience, they usually involve too much nasty and not enough cheap.

This FTSE 100 share has crushed crises since 1865

During the steepest market crash in UK history, I’ve been ultra-cautious when stock-picking. As the coronavirus crisis is far from over, I look for businesses that I think are practically bombproof and able to withstand the most severe downturn.

One share lurking on my radar is HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA), a global bank among the FTSE 100 mega-caps. With a market value of £85.7bn, HSBC is by …

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Author: Cliff D'Arcy


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