Texas College Cancels Student Loans For 14,000 Students

texas college cancels student loans for 14000 students

Sumary of Texas College Cancels Student Loans For 14,000 Students:

  • [+] Images) AFP via Getty Images Student Loans Dallas College has cancelled student loan debt for 14,000 students over the past year..
  • more colleges cancel student loan debt Dallas College isn’t the first college to cancel student loan debt for its students..
  • For example, Wilberforce University, America oldest private historically black university, cancelled all student loan debt and fines owed to the school from the classes of both 2020 and 2021..
  • This student loan forgiveness came one day after President Joe Biden dropped student loan cancellation from the latest federal budget..
  • Last month, Delaware State University, a public historically black university, cancelled up to $730,655 in student loan debt for more than 220 recent graduates who faced financial hardship during the Covid-19 pandemic..
  • Delaware State also accessed funds from the American Rescue Plan stimulus package to pay for student loan cancellation….

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