‘Absolutely shocking’: Workers may end up paying for their own super rise

absolutely shocking workers may end up paying for their own super rise

Sumary of ‘Absolutely shocking’: Workers may end up paying for their own super rise:

  • “Provided the employees don’t drop below the minimum permitted wages in an award enterprise agreement, or the minimum wage, then yes, it is permitted,”.
  • “But let’s be clear, if thousands of employers do this, that’s exactly why we don’t get wage growth in Australia.”.
  • Super rise may depend on your employment contract The super guarantee is the proportion of wages that employers must contribute to their workers’ retirement savings..
  • ( ) Pay rises unlikely anytime soon Wages have been stagnating for a long time, but the pandemic means the outlook for pay rises is even more dire..
  • Workers simply aren’t getting pay rises, and Treasury and Reserve Bank data suggests wages growth won’t be seen anytime soon..
  • A trade-off between super and wages The federal government could legislate to stop employers being able to do this, but Superannuation Minister Jane Hume says she’s long been warning that there is a trade-off between super increases and higher wages….

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