Boris Johnson under pressure over ‘bonkers’ £1,000-a-year state pension increase

Sumary of Boris Johnson under pressure over ‘bonkers’ £1,000-a-year state pension increase:

  • The state pension is increasing 3.1 per cent this year, and obviously we dont have a choice on public sector pay as a whole at this stage.
  • The two-tier state system was regenerate in 2016 by a new even rate state pension.
  • The value of goods leaving factories rose at their swift rate in 45 years, steer by general substance value rises, while the outgo of unprocessed substances leapt at their swift rate on record. The ONS said normal petrol prices rose by 4.1p per litre in May, analyze with a small emergence of 1.7p per litre a year ago.
  • This morning former Treasury minister Lord ONeill – now a seat person – attacked clergymen denial to fragment the triple lock.

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