ASK TONY: My £18,000 nest egg has vanished into thin air

ask tony my 18000 nest egg has vanished into thin air

Sumary of ASK TONY: My £18,000 nest egg has vanished into thin air:

  • ’ You have YOUR say Every week Money Mail receives hundreds of your letters and emails about our stories.
  • Here are some about the car park scammers targeting motorists: Part of the problem is that car park operators have been replacing machines that take cash with those which will only accept cards.
  • Vodafone won’t refund my £1,000 pay as you go credit I have built up an outstanding credit balance with Vodafone on pay as you go for £954.85.It’s my fault for not checking my bank statement properly!
  • On our penultimate call we were asked to take 26 sheets of bank statement printouts showing all the £40 monthly payments to our local branch.
  • So I really still have no idea why you were asked to take 26 pages of bank statements to a branch when Vodafone would have known from its systems that you were almost £1,000 in credit.
  • But I had no problems when I visited the same holiday resort 35 years ago and was given a mat for the slide.

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