A third of Americans found errors on their credit reports. Here’s how to fix those mistakes

a third of americans found errors on their credit reports heres how to fix those mistakes

Sumary of A third of Americans found errors on their credit reports. Here’s how to fix those mistakes:

  • More than one-third, or 34%, of Americans found at least one error on their credit report, according to a new Consumer Reports investigation..
  • Consumer Reports asked volunteers to get a copy of their credit report and check for errors and 5,858 did so between Feb..
  • Mistakes about personal information may not hurt your credit score, but could make it more difficult or impossible to access your credit report, said Consumer Reports policy analyst Syed Ejaz..
  • The Consumer Data Industry Association, which represents the major credit reporting companies Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, issued a lengthy statement in response to Consumer Reports’ findings..
  • “Accuracy is the bedrock of the credit reporting industry and getting credit reports right for consumers is our most important job,”.
  • While typically available free of charge from each reporting firm once a year, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion are offering free weekly credit reports through April 20, 2022….

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