5 straightforward reasons to pass on an investment

Nobody said life would be easy – especially not if you’ve chosen the life of a stock picker.

These days efficient investing can be a five-minute decision. Buy a diversified basket of index funds, check in on them once a year to ensure your allocations haven’t got out of whack, and spend the rest of your time bingeing on Netflix / at the beach / at work / bingeing on Netflix at work wishing you were at the beach.   Those of us who do still invest in individual companies – whether because we fancy trying to beat the market for higher returns, or just because we love the challenge – know we’re signing on for much more work.   From analysing company fundamentals to reading trading updates, monitoring the economic news, and standing in front of High Street stores trying to decide if what you’re looking at is the next big thing – the job of an active investor is never done.   However we don’t need to make it even harder than it already is.   I believe there are Stock Market that none of us should invest in, and I believe many of us have our own additional landmines or no-go areas we should steer clear of.

Rather than …

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Author: Owain Bennallack

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