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Sitemap of personal finance tips on resolve loans & mortgage, advice on insurance, saving money and invest smart ,succeed in the modern world and ready for an early retirement.

The country’s net external…

The country net external liability, or its debtor position, versus the rest of the world (ROW) has dropped to P140.7 billion as of end-third quarter 2020, a huge decline from same time in 2019 of P1.5 trillion, based on the…

2 Dividend Stocks With a Payout Streak of Over 188 Years

Companies with long dividend track records reflect fundamental strength and sustainability of payouts to shareholders.. If you’re chasing after long-term financial goals or saving for retirement, your chosen income stock…

Debt-Fueled Spending Won’t Create Growth

“History teaches us that although investments in productive capacity can in principle raise potential growth and r* in such a way that the debt incurred to finance fiscal stimulus is paid down over time (r-g<0), it turns…

Is SoFi the Growth Stock for You?

The online lender SoFi, which will soon go public through Chamath Palihapitiya’s blank-check company Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp.. The company has an $8.7 billion valuation and is projecting to grow its membership…

Retirees: 3 Ways to Avoid the Painful 15% OAS Clawback

Canadian retirees will lock horns again with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) over the recovery tax in the 2021 tax season.. Those who’ll be subject to the 15% Old Age Security (OAS) clawback for the first time should know…

One year before retirement: here is your important checklist

Even if you are looking forward to the end of your working life, the idea of retirement can be daunting.. There is often an instinctive fear of moving into a stage of life where you may end up consuming your capital, as well…

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