70 enterprises get active status in special economic zones

70 enterprises get active status in special economic zones

Sumary of 70 enterprises get active status in special economic zones:

  • KARACHI: Within five months of its establishment in January this year, the Special Economic Zone Management Information System (SEZMIS) has facilitated speedy grant of the active zone status to 70 enterprises by the Board of Approvals (BOA) compared to 200 in the last eight years, said the State Bank’s report on Special Economic Zones in Pakistan.
  • It has increased the efficiency of the filing system and contributes towards creating an enabling business environment.
  • “There have been some positive developments recently, such as the passing of the SEZMIS regulations, which prevent real estate speculation,” said the report.
  • As far as policy reforms are concerned, the current SEZ framework does not envision SEZs in Pakistan as areas that offer special policy and regulatory environment to businesses, said the report.
  • This necessitates deliberations over the creation of a separate centralised autonomous SEZ authority that would perform several functions.

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