The Case for Transparent AI

the case for transparent ai

Sumary of The Case for Transparent AI:

  • You’re reading Entrepreneur United States, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media.
  • My experience is not new or particularly unique — Eli Pariser warned us about social media “filter bubbles” back in 2011 — but it’s a handy illustration of the dark places an algorithm can take you.
  • I may get a bit annoyed when Facebook serves up a David Blaine video, but filter bubbles can be downright dangerous, turning otherwise neutral platforms into breeding grounds for all sorts of ugly ideas.
  • Related: How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence in Public RelationsAI is inherently biasedSci-fi nightmare scenarios aside, we want to program our machines to learn and evolve, but we want to do it in a measured, predictable way.
  • My magic-filled social media filter bubble might irk me, but it’s how algorithms work today.
  • There have been all sorts of studies and articles written about the issue of bias in artificial intelligence, and it certainly can be a problem, but the fact is that AI is inherently biased.

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