Learn How to Optimize Google Analytics, Sheets, and More for Your Business to Succeed

learn how to optimize google analytics sheets and more for your business to succeed

Sumary of Learn How to Optimize Google Analytics, Sheets, and More for Your Business to Succeed:

  • Between Search, Chrome, Drive, Ads, and myriad other tools for a variety of purposes, Google’s suite is one of today’s most popular for good reason..
  • In The 2021 Ultimate Google Workspace Certification Bundle, you’ll learn how to get the most out of Google’s tools, whether you’re using them personally or professionally..
  • This 11-course bundle includes training from top-rated instructors like Joshua George (4.8/5-star instructor rating), Laurence Svekis (4.3/5 rating), and Alex Genadinik (4.4/5 rating)..
  • The bundle takes an extremely broad approach to Google, starting with the absolute basics so that you can brush up on more common programs before advancing to more technical ones..
  • You’ll learn how to use Google Sheets and Slides more impactfully than ever before, and get up to speed with Google Chat and Google Meet..
  • There’s a course dedicated to optimize your business’s Google listing, as well as an introduction to Google Ads and Google Trends to increase your business’s reach and attract more customers…

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