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Sitemap of entrepreneur news from vary business media, collection of new ideas on goods, services, business or procedures.

How to Start a Business from Your Smartphone

With communication now simple across boundaries that were once difficult to cross — and the internet offering untold connectivity and commercial opportunities — businesses can be started from a smartphone with ease…..

The 7-Step Process to Launching Your Podcast for Free

Podcasts have quickly become one of the most popular forms of content to consume, with their portability being the leading factor.. They can be listened to while commuting to the office, doing cardio at the gym or doing tasks…

Betty White’s 5 Surprising Strategies for Influence and Impact

After watching interviews with Betty White and her life in television, it’s clear she didn’t plan a career path or roadmap to fame.. If there’s a hint of ego laced in your intent, your brand, influence and impact can be…

Different financial accounts now consolidated

Protecting their wealth and ensuring it passes safely into the capable hands of the next generation are the key factors that spur the wealthy to set up family offices.. These were also the main concerns of Mr Derek Ong (not…

Stocks To Buy Now? 3 Tech Stocks To Consider

stocks plummet amidst eye-opening inflation data, some investors may see buying opportunities in the stock market right now.. Tech stocks, in particular, would be on investors’ watchlists right now seeing as they have dipped…

Vroom Stock Will Need More Than One Good Earnings Report

If you owned shares of Vroom (NASDAQ:VRM) stock the day after the company reported earnings, you are breathing a sigh of relief.. The bad news is that as the market opened, the gains in VRM stock were cut in half and in the…

Children’s-Education Franchises Are Going Hi-Tech

Children’s-education franchises have been a growing category in recent years, and with the pandemic’s impact on the marketplace, they’ve moved towards technology as a focal point.. I often find that this is the same reason…

Lowe’s Is An Attractive Buy Ahead Of Q1 Earnings 

Shares of Lowe’s move higher after upgrade but investors should beware, the analysts are expecting a lot out of this company so results may not be enough to support price action.. The consensus estimate for both revenue…

Let Go of Assumptions and Reset Your Brand Mindset

We started out small, but eventually realized that we could become a recognizable brand that people sought out based on how they related to us and not simply because we were the closest or cheapest.. We knew that we had created…

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