Stay away from Barbeque Nation, it’s a repeat of Burger King episode: Sandip Sabharwal

stay away from barbeque nation its a repeat of burger king episode sandip sabharwal

Sumary of Stay away from Barbeque Nation, it’s a repeat of Burger King episode: Sandip Sabharwal:

  • Real estate also can be a good bet for inflation-comeback trade, says Sandip Sabharwal, analyst, is the best way to approach steel stocks now?.
  • Everyone seems to be saying that steel stocks are in a good momentum and do not sell them, but it is too late to buy..
  • Given the way these stocks are moving, the correction also will be very rapid and fast because trader interest is very strong..
  • As some of these events happen and as some central banks act on inflationary impulses, we will see sell off in commodities and consequently in commodity stocks..
  • I would think that it is very tough to give a justification to buy these stocks right now given the way they have moved..
  • As and when the markets give a correction, these stocks will correct more than the market because they have become traders’ favourites which tend to fall more in any market correction..
  • It is very tough to play the derivatives and the main cycle differently because many of these stocks tend to move up or down together..
  • At a time when people are refraining from going to restaurants, why is Barbeque Nation holding up?Barbeque Nation stock price movement reflects the worst of the speculative activity which is happening in this market..
  • This has been typical of many IPOs in the past also, where for a few days they just get ramped up because of low liquidity and fewer retail investors buying into these stocks and then these stocks do not perform….

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