Rate hikes and new charges show Mundra Port’s ability to dictate terms

rate hikes and new charges show mundra ports ability to dictate terms

Sumary of Rate hikes and new charges show Mundra Port’s ability to dictate terms:

  • Mundra Port, India biggest commercial port by volumes and the flagship of Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd (APSEZ) is surging ahead year after year, but the hike in rates both on marine as well as rail side from April 1 reflects its ability to dictate terms to users on the back of its growing clout in ports..
  • APSEZ cranked up the rail handling charges at Mundra by double digits from $85 for a loaded 20-foot container to $110 and from $125 for a loaded 40-foot container to $165..
  • The rail handling charge is on top of the ₹7,500 plus GST it began collecting as train access charge on all trains arriving at Mundra port from November 1 last year..
  • APSEZ also levies a port infrastructure development charge of ₹1,400 for a 20-foot container and ₹2,700 for a 40-foot container for using the 74 km-long rail line it has built linking Mundra with Adipur on the Indian Railways network for evacuating cargo..
  • Shipping lines against hike at Mundra In comparison, state-owned Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT), which Mundra overtook in FY21 to emerge India biggest container gateway, doesn’t levy either a train access charge or a port infrastructure development charge..
  • “People talk about Indian container ports being expensive but Mundra was already one of the most expensive even before APSEZ hiked the marine and rail charges from April 1,”.
  • “On the one hand, Indian Railways continue to give a 50 per cent discount in haulage charges for double stack container trains and from April 1 Container Corporation of India (Concor) is giving a 50 per cent discount in empty container haulage for two months..
  • Railways’ sops For instance, Adani Logistics Ltd recently applied to the Indian Railways seeking concessional haulage charge for running trains from Mundra to Maliya Miyana (about 166 km) and back for transporting mainly Morbi tiles to the port..
  • “While backing Adani proposal, the Railways Ministry decided to offer the same concessional rates to all container train operators looking to ply on this route to ensure a level playing field,”.
  • “But, for all other container train operators, the concessional haulage charge offered by the Indian Railways is nullified by the train access charge and the port infrastructure development charge levied by APSEZ,”…

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