Next 6 months to see return of alpha; stick to flexi cap, multi-cap funds: Sunil Subramaniam

next 6 months to see return of alpha stick to flexi cap multi cap funds sunil subramaniam

Sumary of Next 6 months to see return of alpha; stick to flexi cap, multi-cap funds: Sunil Subramaniam:

  • But despite the Fed dovish statements, there is just that element in the market not believing him and that is the reason there is a little bit of a check in balance..
  • From an index perspective, the market action is going to be largely in the largecap and the larger midcap space but the economic news coming in is going to be supportive of the smallcaps and the smaller midcaps..
  • So the volatility of our fund performance will come down and the returns will be more closely in line with the broader market as opposed to the old Sundaram which was very high risk..
  • If I am running a multicap, flexi cap portfolio, I cannot ignore BSE 500 or NSE 500 and the fact that they are large-cap led..
  • Number two is the fact that when you look at the return potential, I would say that safety parts to the portfolio like IT or whatever would be expected to give high single digit returns….

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