‘Squid Game’ becomes Netflix’s biggest ever hit

squid game becomes netflixs biggest ever hit

Sumary of ‘Squid Game’ becomes Netflix’s biggest ever hit:

  • South Korean drama series “Squid Game” has become online streaming platform Netflix’s most popular series launch ever, with 111 million fans since it debuted less than four weeks ago.
  • Director Hwang Dong-hyuk’s dystopian take on children’s games has a simple premise: In order to become multimillionaires, 456 people fight for survival in a game show where they must survive six deadly rounds.
  • Starting small, the popularity of the show spread by word of mouth with millions of memes posted across social media.
  • “Squid Game has officially reached 111 million fans — making it our biggest series launch ever!
  • It topped Netflix’s regency drama “Bridgerton” which reached 82 million households on debut.
  • Above, director Takashi Miike and actors Hirona Yamazaki and Sota Fukushi show heads of Daruma dolls at a film premiere.
  • A long court case determined it was plagiarized from a 1983 French movie, “Le prix du danger.
  • ” ‘Squid Game’ and other survival thrillers ‘Das Millionenspiel’ (1970) That French film was not an original script, but rather based on a short story, “The Prize of Peril,” written by US author Robert Sheckley.

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