Like Mobile Apps After the iPhone’s Release, CTV Apps Are Ready to Explode

like mobile apps after the iphones release ctv apps are ready to explode

Sumary of Like Mobile Apps After the iPhone’s Release, CTV Apps Are Ready to Explode:

  • July 22, 2021 6 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
  • Entertainment-video content leads installs Let’s start with the obvious: Looking at Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Tizen, entertainment-video content is the absolute leader in app installs.
  • (Entertainment video content here refers to channels made by the streaming platforms, such as Netflix, YouTube, etc.
  • A few things have caused this: the myriad of talented kids’ content creators looking to both establish themselves and gain experience with platforms other than YouTube, and the ease of creating a channel.
  • According to Samsung, 2.8 million out of the 34 million active Samsung TVs users have their games consoles connected.
  • Thus, Xbox or PlayStation will see the sense in utilizing native ads in Samsung’s UI and AVOD on Samsung TV Plus.
  • The economic backlash from the Covid-19 pandemic has been harsh for many people, with the International Labour Organization noting that a staggering 114 million jobs have been lost worldwide.
  • This has created a higher demand for different types of CTV content both for viewers staying at home, experienced publishers and newcomers, as well as advertisers targeting specific audiences.

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