Brace for the Amazon effect on live sport

brace for the amazon effect on live sport

Sumary of Brace for the Amazon effect on live sport:

  • IN 1993 FOX, a nascent cable network owned by Rupert Murdoch, an Australian-born tycoon, paid a fortune to scoop the rights to National Football League (NFL) games from under the nose of CBS, a veteran broadcaster..
  • That makes the NFL even more important to the fortunes of the TV networks, including Fox and CBS (now merged with Viacom)..
  • American football is the most-watched live sport in the country, and sport trumps everything else for TV ratings and ad revenues..
  • At a time when other entertainment is available at a sliver of the price from Netflix and other streaming services, live sport is the only thing left to induce viewers to pay through the nose for pay-TV..
  • Last month Amazon, the e-commerce giant, offered about $11bn for the exclusive rights to stream Thursday-night NFL games for a decade on Amazon Prime..
  • In order to get the best return on its sports investment, it offers not wall-to-wall sports, but selective games likely to lure the highest number of customers, including English Premier League football matches (conveniently played around the Christmas-shopping period)..
  • It targets only Amazon hottest markets, for instance purchasing rights to show football in Germany and cricket in India..
  • Alongside Prime, Amazon offers a parallel way of attracting young, digitally peripatetic types that sports leagues are desperate to reach..
  • Twitch, its e-sports platform whose fans watch and discuss online-gaming tournaments as if they were crosstown derbies, also shows Prime NFL matches..
  • For a start, it helps Amazon demonstrate that it has the technical ability to stream to mass audiences without crashing…

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