The truck runs out of young people at the wheel

the truck runs out of young people at the wheel

Sumary of The truck runs out of young people at the wheel:

  • Without reaching the level of United Kingdom, where empty shelves are already seen in supermarkets and gas stations without supply, in Europe there are a total of 400,000 carriers missing, according to the consultancy Transport Intelligence.
  • The International Road Transport Organization (IRU), a European employer’s association, estimates that last year 20 percent of professional driver positions were left unfilled.
  • And the problem will get worse in 2021. In our country, where 95% of national merchandise traffic is carried out by road, according to the Ministry of Transport, the gap could grow up to 150 percent.
  • It is something that we have been experiencing for more than a decade, ”says Ramón Valdivia, CEO of Astic (International Road Transport Association).
  • This profession is hard and lonely ”, points out his colleague Juan José Gil, general secretary of Fenadismer (National Federation of Transport Associations of Spain).
  • And that last year the Council of Ministers approved lowering the legal minimum age to drive heavy vehicles from 21 to 18 years.
  • According to the INE, land transport (including passenger transport) employs 557,000 people, of which 74,000 are women, just over 13 percent.
  • He is 55 years old and works for ESP Solutions in international freight transport.

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