Unilever but boss sounds alarm as costs surge

unilever but boss sounds alarm as costs surge

Sumary of Unilever but boss sounds alarm as costs surge:

  • Surging demand for ice creams as temperatures rise and lockdown restrictions are eased has lifted sales at Unilever – but rising costs are squeezing profits.
  • Jerry’s, Marmite and Hellmann’s, said ice cream sales grew by ‘double digits’ in the first half of 2021.And as people ate out more often, the firm said sales of restaurant supplies grew as well, along with beauty products such as Dove deodorants and skin lotions.
  • He said the firm had been unable to cushion the blow through savings alone – with the underlying profit margin falling from 19.8 per cent to 18.8 per cent – and warned that price rises were on the way.
  • Jerry’s jumped by ‘double digits’ as Europeans increasingly ventured outdoors and enjoyed the warm weather.
  • Jerry’s decision to stop selling ice cream in Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories.

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