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Robinsons and Wimbledon end 86-year partnership

Sumary of Robinsons and Wimbledon end 86-year partnership:

  • The drink was created by Eric Smedley Hodgson and handed out to players and officials during a drop by to Wimbledon, and was so well-kown that he was invited back every year.
  • This week the drink brand, owned by Britvic, tweeted: Robinsons is no longer sponsoring Wimbledon fortnight and this year will be celebrating the whole of season with The Big Fruit Hunt – an interactive possibility to find realistic fruit and prevail real prizes.
  • The AELTC said: After more than 80 years, we can confirm that the partnership between the AELTC and Robinsons has come to an end.
  • Robinsons was a private company until it was acquired by Britvic in 1995.

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