‘Kids raised in the digital era are yearning for this’: the people making new games for old cons …

kids raised in the digital era are yearning for this the people making new games for old consoles

Sumary of ‘Kids raised in the digital era are yearning for this’: the people making new games for old consoles:

  • This year, veteran video game developers Garry Kitchen and David Crane released a new game for the Atari 2600 – despite the fact that the console was discontinued some 30 years ago.
  • Companies such as Limited Run Games and Strictly Limited Games are manufacturing brand new cartridges, and sometimes never-before-released games, for consoles that predate the smartphone.
  • “The market’s not remotely dead for these consoles,” says Josh Fairhurst, head of North Carolina-based Limited Run.
  • ”Prices for retro games have gone through the roof in recent years, as evidenced by a recent slew of record-breaking auction bids for classic titles, including the sale of a mint copy of Super Mario 64 for $1.5m (£1.1m).
  • The supply of old games is limited, and demand is increasing: not just from older people who want to collect games they remember from their youth, but also from those who weren’t even born when the Sega Mega Drive was cutting-edge.
  • ”Original copies of Shantae for the Game Boy Color now cost around $600, but this version re-released by Limited Run Games costs less.
  • Original copies of this rare game sell for around $600, Limited Run’s new cartridges cost a fraction of that.
  • It’s about authenticity, says Dennis Mendel, head of Strictly Limited Games in Stuttgart, Germany: “The real deal is the original console.

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