How to lead from afar

how to lead from afar

Sumary of How to lead from afar:

  • Jul 24th 2021WHEN OFFICE workers were sent home in the spring of 2020, managers suddenly faced a new challenge: how to supervise teams that were working remotely.
  • While employees are now gradually heading back to their desks, a much greater share will work from home at least occasionally than before the pandemic.
  • The authors are not in the gloomy camp that believes remote working is a disaster.
  • A study by McKinsey, a consultancy, found that 70% of companies thought remote hiring would help in this respect.
  • It is easy for remote workers to feel isolated so supervisors should be in regular contact.
  • The authors cite studies showing that emails perceived to be neutral in tone by the sender are seen as negative by the recipient;
  • Poorly run meetings do not just waste time, they jeopardise the ability to meet deadlines, adding to workers’ stress.
  • Surely these are useful attributes for all leaders, whether operating remotely or not?

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