Fears people will ‘struggle to get Christmas presents for their children’ amid supply ch …

fears people will struggle to get christmas presents for their children amid supply chain woes

Sumary of Fears people will ‘struggle to get Christmas presents for their children’ amid supply chain woes:

  • The Lintan, a 180-metre bulk carrier registered in Hong Kong, is at the dockside with its cargo of 15,000 pallets of plywood from China.
  • The plywood should have come in steel shipping containers but a worldwide shortage means they had to be stacked in the hold, and are now being unloaded by British stevedores one at a time.
  • And new red-tape in the shape of customs controls governing Europe, and a separate set of arrangements for Northern Ireland, have added cost and complexity.
  • Image: Lord Frost has delayed implementing post-Brexit border controls on agri-food imports from EU While British businesses have faced full customs controls on exports to the EU since 1 January, EU exporters shipping to the UK have seen their goods waved through.
  • Full Customs declarations for importers will be required from January, adding considerable red tape to what used to be a frictionless process.
  • To operate and enforce the UK’s newfound control of its borders every substantial port, and a number of inland sites, require new Border Control Points (BCPs) capable of processing thousands of vehicles, and many of them are not ready.
  • Image: The border control point building at Portsmouth remains under construction In Portsmouth, the new BCP, sited between Portico’s freight harbour and the international passenger terminal, is a skeleton of steel girders.
  • One of the hold-ups, sources suggest without irony, is a global shortage of the truck-sized steel doors required.

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