DWP update: Major change announced to Universal Credit and PIP assessments

dwp update major change announced to universal credit and pip assessments

Sumary of DWP update: Major change announced to Universal Credit and PIP assessments:

  • Pre pandemic, people with mental health conditions and disabilities making a claim for PIP or Universal Credit would be required to attend a face to face assessment with a health professional to work out how their condition interfered with everyday life.
  • This wasn’t possible during the pandemic so video interviews and assessments became more commonplace, which although had its advantages, led to a number of complaints from people who thought the DWP made the wrong decision.
  • In a green paper just published, the DWP said: “People said that assessment reports were not always accurate and that this could lead to poor decisions being made.
  • Some people found our application and assessment processes difficult and stressful.
  • ”As well as this, people complained that they sometimes had to provide the same information twice and were limited to what additional information they could provide.
  • The paper highlighted: “People sometimes had to provide the same information during the assessment process more than once.
  • People felt Work Capability Assessments (WCAs) and PIP assessments were repetitive.
  • “People wanted more say in where their assessments took place.

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