‘Disaster after disaster’ Dragons’ Den pasta pitch labelled ‘ridiculous’ now w …

disaster after disaster dragons den pasta pitch labelled ridiculous now worth 40m

Sumary of ‘Disaster after disaster’ Dragons’ Den pasta pitch labelled ‘ridiculous’ now worth £40m:

  • Alex Savelli and Finn Lagun entered the Den in 2018 with their business Pasta Evangelists, but it was brushed off by the Dragons as “nothing special”.
  • Pasta Evangelists is said to be the “best artisanal fresh pasta in the UK”.
  • People are able to order the handmade pasta and have it delivered to their home on a one-off basis, or on a subscription service.
  • DON’T MISSDeborah Meaden said the taste of their pasta was “fantastic”, however they had a “startling” valuation.
  • She explained that there is nothing stopping someone from copying the brand, however the duo stressed that their product list of premium pasta is what made the business unique.
  • ”Pasta Evangelists was predicted to lose over £3million to £3.5million by 2020.However, Alex said: “That’s all it takes to create a business that could be tuning over £40million – £50million five years from now.
  • ”Touker Suleyman explained that the pair are “delusional” for thinking Pasta Evangelists could one day be worth £200million.

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