China takes on Delta and its property developers at the same time

china takes on delta and its property developers at the same time

Sumary of China takes on Delta and its property developers at the same time:

  • Sep 15th 2021HONG KONGFOR SUCH a small place, Singapore has exercised an outsized influence on China’s economy.
  • The city-state proved to reformers in China that a government could open up the economy without losing control.
  • “Society in Singapore is quite orderly,” said Deng Xiaoping, China’s paramount leader, in 1992. “They managed things very strictly.
  • ”Unfortunately Singapore has not managed covid-19 as strictly as China would like.
  • A resident of China’s Fujian province, who recently returned from Singapore, tested positive earlier this month for the Delta variant.
  • Exchanges between Singapore and China’s coastal provinces (the ancestral homelands for many Singaporeans) have brought many benefits.
  • Economists worry that if the outbreak persists, it will disrupt travel and shopping during China’s week-long holiday beginning on October 1st.
  • Singapore’s strictly managed property market is another model China’s reformers often admire but have failed to emulate.

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