China offers a masterclass in how to humble big tech, right?

china offers a masterclass in how to humble big tech right

Sumary of China offers a masterclass in how to humble big tech, right?:

  • The Boston Tea Party was, in part, a protest against the monopoly of the British East India Company.
  • And yet suddenly antitrust in China has come to life in the way police internal affairs have done thanks to the British cop show “Line of Duty”: as a source of unending fear and fascination, carried out by agencies with impenetrable acronyms and a keenness for Stasi-like dawn raids.
  • When overweening tech barons treat politicians like patsies, don’t invite them to mind-numbing congressional hearings.
  • It took just over six months after the humbling of Mr Ma for the founders of two other Chinese tech giants, Pinduoduo and ByteDance, to announce they were retreating from public life.
  • The recent crackdown on Didi, a ride-hailing giant, days after its initial public offering in New York, focuses on concerns encompassing data security and spying.
  • Jonathan Kanter, President Joe Biden’s Google-bashing pick to run the DoJ’s antitrust division, can expect similar treatment.

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