Bride, 25, explains how she saved £21,000 on fairy-tale wedding – ‘We struck gold’ …

bride 25 explains how she saved 21000 on fairy tale wedding we struck gold

Sumary of Bride, 25, explains how she saved £21,000 on fairy-tale wedding – ‘We struck gold’:

  • While it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, many people rightfully loath splurging that much money for a single day, which is why Mrs Waugh was so adamant in finding unique ways to get the dream without the debt.
  • However, one simple change sliced this cost down: “We booked a midweek date, which instantly saved us a lot of money, and went for a February date which was off-season and cheaper.
  • “We were also really harsh with our guest list, which upset a lot of people but we were paying for it ourselves and we wanted our closest friends and families there, not someone who felt they had a right to come because they were dating someone who was invited.
  • Most people were really nice about it, some were not, but then you learn who your real friends are when you’re planning a wedding!
  • “Our original guest list was 140 people and we changed that to 64-day guests and 15 evening, so cut 60 people.

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