Boris Johnson should pick fights with conservative institutions

boris johnson should pick fights with conservative institutions

Sumary of Boris Johnson should pick fights with conservative institutions:

  • Nov 25th 2021YOUR COLUMNIST joined The Economist in 1988, at Thatcherism’s high tide.
  • Boris Johnson lacks Margaret Thatcher’s self-discipline and command of detail, as demonstrated by his bizarre speech to the Confederation of British Industry, a lobby group, on November 22nd.
  • Mr Johnson is struggling against stiffer headwinds than faced by his predecessor.
  • In 1983 more 18- to 24-year-olds voted for Thatcher’s Tories than for Labour under Michael Foot;
  • Mr Johnson relies on support from retired people who want nothing to disturb their quiet lives.
  • Mr Johnson’s self-appointed task, to “level up” Britain, is vague, even Utopian.
  • Voters could judge Thatcher’s progress in red tape untangled and state enterprises privatised.
  • Here are some ideas for giving Mr Johnson’s policies Thatcherite bite.

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