Battery power: five innovations for cleaner, greener electric vehicles

battery power five innovations for cleaner greener electric vehicles

Sumary of Battery power: five innovations for cleaner, greener electric vehicles:

  • Despite an overall flatlining in new car purchases, recent monthly figures show a 50% leap in year-on-year sales for EVs.
  • As a recent Guardian investigation shows, the human rights and environmental costs of the green transport revolution are still not being fully considered in the race towards electric vehicles.
  • An Eramet facility in Salta, Argentina where the French metals company is working on a process that filters water used in lithium extraction so it can be returned to its source.
  • The company have also recently announced the start of construction on a new lithium plant in Argentina which they claim will meet 15% of European lithium needs.
  • Photograph: 44799/HandoutReuse: energy storageAt some stage, battery performance wanes.
  • Each battery in the unit is connected to a computer system that monitors temperature levels and energy availability, as well as managing charging and discharging rates.
  • Lumsden expects his solution to ramp up from 2025 when first-time EV drivers begin to update their cars and more batteries become available.
  • Photograph: HandoutRecycling: low-energy smeltingWhen performance levels get to the point where re-use opportunities begin to peter out and recycling becomes the most viable option.

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