Caixa Geral sues Caja Rural before its operations on Portuguese soil

caixa geral sues caja rural before its operations on portuguese soil

Sumary of Caixa Geral sues Caja Rural before its operations on Portuguese soil:

  • Francisco ChaconCONTINUECorrespondent in Lisbon Updated:09/15/2021 00: 56h KeepCaja Rural is very advanced in the project to operate in Portugal, but it has encountered an unexpected obstacle that embitters its launch on the other side of the border.
  • The official name of the Andalusian entity is Caja Rural del Sur and, as is logical, it made an adaptation to Portuguese so that clients could hire its services naturally, without leaving any external evidence that it was a foreign firm.
  • Therefore, already translated, Caixa Rural do Sul it was about to speed up the procedures to start operations … until the Portuguese Caixa Geral made an appearance with the demand that the word ‘caixa’ can only be used by them in the neighboring country.
  • Caja Rural’s expansive plans predate the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, although the authorization of the Bank of Portugal for its operating license did not arrive until March 3 of last year, as detailed in the weekly ‘Expresso’.
  • In fact, barely a week passed before the Caixa Rural do Sul brand was successfully registered, which has verified the good progress of its agreements with businessmen from the Algarve in the National Property Institute.
  • Where is it written that the commercial use of the word ‘caixa’ belongs to them?
  • Furthermore, it cannot be forgotten that there is a Caixa de Crédito Agrícola in Portugal.

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