Italy’s Conte loses Senate majority

italys conte loses senate majority

Italy’s ex-prime minister Matteo Renzi triggered a political crisis by taking his party out of the ruling coalition and leaving Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte without a ruling majority in the upper chamber of the parliament, Senate.

Renzi heads the small but crucial Italia Viva party. Two of his ministers — Agriculture Minister Teresa Bellanova and Family Minister Elena Bonetti — resigned on Wednesday. 

However, Renzi pledged to still support the government on steps aimed at helping business and anti-pandemic measures. The former PM also signaled he was ready for compromise, telling reporters in Rome that further developments were “up to the prime minister.”

“We are ready for all kinds of discussions,” Renzi said.

The 45-year-old politician also said he was sure there would be no snap election.

Conte still enjoys a comfortable majority in the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of Italy’s parliament.

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