EU edges forward on regulation of big tech

eu edges forward on regulation of big tech

Sumary of EU edges forward on regulation of big tech:

  • The European Union has edged forward with plans to overhaul how tech giants are regulated in a bid to fight illegality online, improve competition, and protect democracy by reining in political advertising and misinformation.
  • Under new proposals laid out by the European Commission, platforms such as Facebook would have to openly label political advertising, identify its sponsor, and provide data to users including why they were targeted, the sponsor’s details, and how much was spent on the ad.
  • “Digital advertising for political purposes is becoming an unchecked race of dirty and opaque methods,” European Commission vice-president Vera Jourova said.
  • ” Meanwhile, the 27 member states agreed their joint position on the forthcoming Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act, a key stage in a vast legislative effort to modernise the EU’s regulation of the online sphere that will now move to a final negotiation phase with the European Parliament and Commission.
  • Some countries that have a tougher approach to the regulation of the tech sector had sought to be able to ‘reach across’ to apply national enforcement measures to the digital giants based in Ireland.
  • But as a compromise, the European Commission will have an enforcement role when it comes to “systemic infringements” committed by very large online platform and search engines, something that the Irish government is satisfied with.

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