Even Apple Can’t Sweeten Market Indexes

even apple cant sweeten market indexes

Sumary of Even Apple Can’t Sweeten Market Indexes:

  • You’re reading Entrepreneur United States, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media.
  • This story originally appeared on Zacks Market indexes only spent a short time in the green today, on better-than-expected Consumer Price Index (CPI) data that showed inflation not quite yet the demon at our door.
  • We opened the day in positive territory, but market sentiment turned south again soon after.
  • Rumors of supply-chain difficulties — and actual lack of inventory in some industries — are presenting clear motives to the relatively sour market attitude.
  • We’re still a month out from new reports (and guidance) hitting the tape at high volume, and we already know the low base effect quarter has passed us in Q2. But better-than-expected prospects to the following quarter and next year would mark a good spot for markets to climb higher.
  • Same deal with employment: if our current lag in building back the labor force persists when present-month numbers are reported, we could be looking at a market lag lasting more than a blip on the screen.
  • another push upward looks in the cards at some point, either in the latter part of 2021 or early 2022.Tomorrow is Import/Export numbers and Industrial Production/Capacity Utilization for August, Empire State index for September.
  • These will also provide grist for the mill — or at least leaves in the tea — for which market participants will decide their next move on the economic front.

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