Why The Silence In The Face Of COVID Tyranny?

why the silence in the face of covid tyranny

Sumary of Why The Silence In The Face Of COVID Tyranny?:

  • You will primarily be responsible for delivering a communications strategy to support the expansion of asymptomatic testing that normalises testing as part of everyday life..
  • The role offers the opportunity to work with a wide variety of stakeholders across the public and private sector and provide communi-cations [sic] support to our marketing campaigns..
  • Because I was alerted to this ad by Lockdown Sceptics collection of links to Covid-19 developments, several of which are to news items about the coming regime of vaccine passports – and also because by now humanity has been subject to more than a year of the devilment unleashed by Covid Derangement Syndrome – this ad didn’t surprise me..
  • The revelation that British health authorities are seeking to make the testing of asymptomatic people a normal part of everyday life – and that an effort is underway to propagandize in support of this grotesque invasion of privacy and infringement of freedom – would have sent me first to Google to ensure that this ad isn’t a hoax..
  • Here what I suspect – I emphasize suspect – is going on in the minds of the many libertarians, classical liberals, and free-market conservatives who are quiet on Covid tyranny..
  • It doesn’t matter that Trump – foolishly, in my view – gave a prominent perch to pro-lockdowners Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx to convey out-of-context, and sometimes even intentionally false, information about the disease..
  • It doesn’t matter that a great deal of evidence has been assembled showing that lockdowns have little or no impact on the spread of the coronavirus..
  • What matters is only that Trump was associated, whether accurately or inaccurately, with opposition to lockdowns and other restrictions imposed in the name of combating Covid…

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