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Sheltered from virus, Kauai plans cautious return to tourism

Sumary of Sheltered from virus, Kauai plans cautious return to tourism:

  • LIHUE, Hawaii (AP) — As the coronavirus ravaged other parts of the U.S., residents of this rural Pacific island watched safely from afar…
  • Now, local officials are loosening restrictions, saying early measures and the island departure from a state testing program that allowed in more people gave it time to build a strong foundation of public health…
  • “From a big picture society standpoint, it allowed Kauai to get to a baseline of sort of what the new normal was going to be in the middle of a pandemic,”..
  • It allows visitors to come to Kauai if they get two negative COVID-19 tests and spend three days either on another island or at a county-approved resort property…
  • Next month, the island will rejoin the state Safe Travels program, which allows travelers to avoid quarantine with a single negative pre-flight test….

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