I’d invest £3k in these 2 bargain FTSE 100 shares to become an ISA millionaire

Many FTSE 100 Stock Market have been shooting back up after plunging in the stock market crash. But some stocks continue to languish. And that’s not surprising because in many cases, they’ve seen their revenues and profits plunge because of the lockdowns.

However, the restrictions are beginning to lift. Trading will resume soon for many businesses, although volumes could be lower because of social-distancing and other measures. Indeed, earnings look set to be smaller, at least initially.

FTSE 100 Stock Market with big estimates for earnings

But City analysts are optimistic. They’ve been slapping on three-figure percentage estimates for the recovery in earnings in 2021 for many companies. And I’m sanguine too. My guess is the virus will fade quickly, perhaps because of a vaccine. I’d be happy to buy the Stock Market of these fallen FTSE 100 companies now with a long-term holding period in mind.

One example is hotel and restaurant owner Whitbread (LSE: WTB). The company is midway through the process of executing a rights issue to raise £980m net of expenses. And to me, the strategy looks like a good one. The directors reckon the new money will support the firm’s growth strategy. To begin with, the company plans to keep the funds on …

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