Covid-19: Why have deaths soared in Brazil?

covid 19 why have deaths soared in brazil

Sumary of Covid-19: Why have deaths soared in Brazil?:

  • The rapid spread of a coronavirus variant first discovered in Brazil has been a major cause for concern around the world..
  • President Jair Bolsonaro has consistently played down the severity of the virus, but he is now turning his focus to the nationwide vaccination drive which his critics say has come far too late..
  • He continues to oppose lockdowns, but his government has now stepped up its drive to vaccinate the country’s population of more than 200 million people..
  • Twice the number of people died in March than in any other month of the pandemic, and the upward trend has continued, as a more transmissible variant drives infections..
  • Regional leaders say mixed messaging and a resistance to lockdowns at the national level has made local restrictions harder to enforce..
  • Vaccine shortages Brazil has had a strong record in conducting vaccination campaigns and compared with many other countries in Latin America, it has a well-established healthcare infrastructure..
  • But its coronavirus vaccination efforts have lagged behind those of Chile and Uruguay who top the table in the region..
  • Brazil has now ordered enough doses to vaccinate its entire population – but critics say these agreements have come far too late, as other large countries with similar purchasing power are now ahead in the queue..
  • In August, Brazil’s government turned down an offer from Pfizer to purchase up to 70 million doses of its vaccine..
  • It has recently ordered 100 million doses of Pfizer’s vaccine, but the bulk of these will not arrive until the second half of the year…

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